1Can I employ Romanian or Bulgarian nurses?
Yes. While Romanians and Bulgarians are subject to work restrictions, you can employ them legally as long as they are working for you on a self-employed / freelance basis or as a PAYE employee of yours providing they apply for an accession card which ties them to your employment only. Usually after 12months of continuous UK employment, they are able to apply for full residency and will not need a work permit.
2Why should I recruit a PRN Nurse?
We advise employers to recruit nurses who have obtained their PRN from the NMC and are awaiting full registration as it helps you the employer to keep a RGN before another employer does once their NMC process is complete.
3Why should I employ a non-registered Nurse?
There are a lot of fully qualified experienced EU nurses seeking work in the UK, however, due to the cost and length of time involved in registering with the NMC decide not to do so, until they have an offer or a UK employer wants to underwrite the costs involved. The process and costs of registration is roughly equivalent to 4 - 7 weeks local wages for them, so many are reluctant to commit to this process without a potential job offer.
4Overseas Nurses
Nurses from the Philippines, India or anywhere else outside the EU, will need a Sponsorship from the employer in order to enter the UK. SkyCare will assist you in finding a sponsorship.
5The Process
After a Nurse has finished the nursing degree she will need to take the ILETS (International English Language Testing System) test and score 7 in each section. Once this is obtained successfully she can approach the NMC online and fill out the necessary documents and submit. SkyCare will assist her over the process.